First off – my wonderful vet, my guide and mentor for the last 14 years and a brilliant “fundi” on Persians — you’re the best, without you i just wouldn’t exist! My very kind and generous benefactors – god bless you. All the great people over the years who have opened their hearts to one or more of my cats and given the cats the greatest gift — a caring, loving home.

Joy xx

Natalie Kretzmar – NPO 5572


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  1. Thanks to Joy putting me in touch with Webdy Munitich I was able to adopt Lucia (Buttercup), my dilute calico Persian girl. For the 5 years I’ve had her (adopted in September 2006 at the age of 7 years, now 12 years) I’ve had endless pleasure from her and we love each other to bits. I’m eternally grateful to Joy for putting me on track to my beautiful little love.

    • Sadly I had to say goodbye to my darling angel girl on the 30th of April because of kidney failure, It is quite ironic that I wrote this thank you just 2 weeks before she started getting sick. She will be in my heart forever

  2. I have just read the message from Joy about people giving up cats on finding out they are pregnant or leaving them behind when moving. I could not agree more with her words and I am glad she is getting stricter with re-homing her rescues. My 5 year old boy was given up as his owner had a child and didn’t want him anymore. Luckily he had a very careful and responsible breeder who took him back immediately after he was rescued by Mandy from Persian/Exotic and Sphynx rescue. And lucky for me after a lot of persuasion I have been able to adopt this beautiful boy and give him a loving home with plenty of attention, the best food and care. He is such a beautiful boy with such cute quirky habits it is beyond me why anyone would possibly want to give him up. He is now the 3rd Persian who came to me at an adult age through various rescues- Joy having been one of them. A big thank you to Joy, Mandy and Sylvia (various other Persian rescues) for the selfless work they do for the love of cats. You are all truly amazing human beings.

  3. Joy is our lifesaver as well our baby’s…Toretto. .. sadly we had to start looking for a new home for our angel As my 3 year old daughter started suffering from severe Allergies in march this year…After several blood tests we discovered that she is allergic to cats and birds…we have since then been looking for a Home for our Toretto. ..but we were very fussy about the type of home he would go to , and, it would have to be with someone who would love him as much , if it’s possible MORE than we do😢 it was the receptionist at our vet that told me about PERSIAN RESCUE. ..I called Joy and immediately felt at ease. ..knowing that Toretto would be in good hands… the whole family went with to drop him off at Joys place…we are heart broken that we had to give our Toretto up…but we know that he is in good hands….Joy I commend you on the work you do…may you go from strength to strength…lots and lots of love and appreciation from the ISMAIL family.😊

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