Please Note that all the cats on this page have found happy loving homes…

Puffin, the magic dragon (white Persian)- adopted by Gerrie Visser

20130614_140143 IMG_20130905_162129 IMG_20130905_162432

Armin and Shadowfax – adopted by Solete


Babushka – adopted by Solete

Barrera – adopted by Solete barrera

Blu – adopted by Solete blu

frankie daisy767 nylesyu creme MOSHE 2 carizma2 lal2u blossom

Pebbles above – living the life of luxury…






Black smoke male.  Adopted 9 years from Joy but passed away in 2010 aged 16 due to kidney failure.  Sadly missed. But left a legacy of memories.
Tracy van Rooyen

Tortoise shell female aged 10, adopted 9 years ago.  Our coach potato – Where you leave her you will find her!
Has learned “to talk” when the adverts come on and not during a programme.
Tracy van Rooyen

Red male adopted 5 years ago.  Sadly Bart’s health has been a problem. He had a stroke a few years ago and stamps around lopsided, has lost sight in one eye and has feline leukemia.  With all his aliments including being extremely stressed he is an absolute delight. He is at his best when he comes home from the groomer and still “drugged” – He will then stamp his way around the garden and becomes very amorous.
Tracy van Rooyen

Mommy’s Boy!!! Black Exotic Persian.  Adopted 5 months ago.  Mad as a hatter and loves chicken and the microwave.  Seldom leaves the kitchen.   Loves to cuddle when he is sure there is no activity in the kitchen.
Tracy van Rooyen

Colour Point female adopted 5 months ago with Josh.  Her mouth is too small for her tongue which leaves her with a protruding tongue.  She is the sweetest little girl and likes to be carried around.  Is happiest when she is lying on her back in my husbands arms – He constantly tells me he “doesn’t like cats”……….She is the only one that comes when she is called.
Tracy van Rooyen

“we adopted Benson on Saturday and these were the photos I took of him when we got home! Can you believe how he’s just fitting in immediately?No sign of him feeling insecure or afraid because it’s a new environment and new cats… No instead he just got right into the tree and did some birdwatching! Lol.We just looooooove him to bits! He’s so cute and loveable and friendly. How could someone just give him away???”Amanda  Van Wyk

Lance & Lady Marmalade.
“We love him dearly.  Thanks Joy for this precious boy. Then there is Lady Marmalade also an adoption from Joy. Also a lovely lady (Hitler of the house) again a million thanks Joy.”
Love Freddy & Christo

Zazu and Fiji

Zazu and Fiji. Cream/white exotic and dilute calico exotic. +/- 4 months old were homed together

PushkinWhite male. 1 years old. homed TobyBlack Harlequin. 4 months old.  Adopted

Blue Harlequin, female, +/- 2 years old. Very loving. loves being around other cats. Adopted


Female Chinchilla, , 18 months old, very loving, good with other cats. Owner moved to a townhouse that doesn’t allow pets.

2 years old. Dilute Calico Harlequin. Absolute character, affectionate, playful, loves other cats and loves the garden.


3 years old. Calico. Possible loner, affectionate, needs garden

3.5 years old. Black, independent but affectionate cat, needs garden and other cats.

3 years old. Chinchilla, magnificent cat. very loving. ok with kids and other cats. Must have garden

1.5 years old. Chocolate. LOVES KIDS!!!! Very affectionate, beautiful personality. Active cat, needs garden and loves other cats.

2 years old. Blue. Loves kids. Very lovable and active. Needs garden. Loves other persians only.

Dee Dee


Dee Dee -(diamante) 4 years old, Chinchilla , extrovert, loves other cats, needs garden.

Mallory – 4 years old. Cream/white bi-colour. Needs Dee Dee. Timid but loving when she gets to know you. Used to garden

Dilute Calico. +/- 2 years old. Good all rounder. Very loving, no kids.

Tortoiseshell. +/- 2 years old. Lovely nature, wonderful with everything – kids, dogs. Loves homelife and a bit of garden. THE PERFECT PET!

Red Harlequin, 1.5 years old. Lovable, good with kids.

Bianca, female “odd eyed white”, copper and blue eyes. 8 months old. Loves the garden and other cats. Gets grubby easily and her eyes need cleaning daily!! very lovable and energetic.


prima donna -Dilute Calico. Very energetic, loves being around other cats. From an ex-breeder

Garfield and Tigger

garfield and tigger – 2 brothers – identical twins, +/- 4 years old – inseparable, very very loving,, good with other cats, dogs and kids. Owners emmigrated.

Red harlequin. Male 1.5 years old. Owners gave him up due to pregnancy “myth”. Likes garden, ok with other cats, no kids or dogs. Affectionate.

Benson, Cream white harlequin, very lovable and playful. Loves other cats – needs a garden. 1.5 years old

MONA LISA– Female, Calico +/- 2 years old, lots of character, very gentle and affectionate, loves other cats. She’s a real couch potato!


Becky – Female, harlequin calico, +/- 5 years old. Real Couch potato, needs a little garden, good with other cats. Very sweet personality!

Domestic short hair tabby – under a year .. wonderfully affectionate and loving. – Sit on your lap cat. no donation – just want a loving home for Ruby-tuesday

Roxy’s kitten 1/2 exotic Persian. Female 12 weeks old and already spayed. Dilute Calico colouring. Ultra playful needs company of other kitten – very affectionate

Exotic female persian. 2 years old. Calico, very extrovert, exuberant and loving. A real live wire who can scale walls and trees — must have a large property and very well fenced… ok with other cats. This is “miss personality” +++

Pedigree Maine coon, 5 years old. Lovely personality – The most affectionate cat -wonderful with other cats..

blue cream tortoiseshell persian female. 8 months old. Lovable, playful, easy going and adores other cats, especially Cody and Viola her siblings.

Poppet and cody pictured here.

Poppet – red persian female -/+3 years old. Highly affectionate and extroverted, loves other cats and an absolute darling 🙂

Silver colour point persian female – blue eyes +/- 4 years old. Affectionate, loves home comforts and other cats.


Tortoise shell, female, 4 years old, doesn’t really need a garden (flat), no kids or dogs, loves being stroked. Owners couldn’t afford her.

persian cat - cream

Cream female persian, +/- 3 years old. Skittish. will only be homed with her friend Barbie. Both love the garden & dont like kids. Both are affectionate when they with you. From an ex-breeder


white female persian – +/- 4 years old, has a very loud voice, very independant, loves to be stroked & loves the garden, has to be with other cats. Previous owner – financial problems


Needs a unique environment – quiet road and huge garden. Very active cat, gets bored easily. Very affectionate. Loves other cats. Owners had financial problems


Camille – ADOPTED tortoiseshell

Female tortoiseshell, +/- 7/8 months, little shy but affectionate. No kids or dogs but loves other cats.

Rupert – A marvelous red tabby. A real character cat, British blue type male. Loving solid and sturdy, but the biggest wimp wonder. Love the sun – amazingly loving and trusting, a very special cat. A must have cat. Loves people, kids and other cats and dogs! He behaves like a human stuck in a cats body. This cat would warm up anybody’s home….

Gigi -Blue/white bi colour. 4 year old male – must know you. Very loving. couch potato. Excellent with other cats, little wary of kids… an absolutely beautiful Persian cat.
Prince Charming – PC – 1year old white male… Excellent with other cats, absolutely no kids, loving. Possibly a couch potato. Beautiful temperament.

Shelly –

Blue cream. 8 months, female. Very lovable and playful and good with other cats, has a lovely personality. Fluffy – adorable creature. Just needs lots of love and affection.

Sophie –

Black & white harlequin longhair. 1 yrs old, female, lovely house cat. wary of kids… she is a beautiful creature – regal, loving. The perfect pet. she has a sister called Tess. They don’t have to go together – but would be nice cause they absolutely complement each other.

Kariba –

Tortishell – 2 years old female. Affectionate, good with other cats, wary of kids.

Toshka –

White female – 9 years old. very laid back and loving – couch potato. Good with other cats.

Vilola – Blue cream tortoiseshell female 8 months old. Lovable, playful and easy going – real sweetie pie, adores other cats especially Cody and Starr her siblings.

Cody –Cream persian male – copper eyes – 8 months old. Lovable, easy going, adores other cats especially starr & viola – his sisters! real “couch potato” type. Enjoying home comforts and attention.


8 month old, red male. Absolutely adorable, playful, loving, easy going – real sweet heart. Loves other cats. A bit of a couch potato as well.


Chrstelle – Pewter chinchilla. 1 years old. Absolute beauty, good with other cats — possibly no kids

Starsky – Maine CoonBig beautiful Maine Coon cat, he is absolutely gorgeous, he needs lots of attention.


Red male +/- 1 year. Loving and easy, quite and a couch potato- loves other cats and people.

Blue Rhapsody

Holly – 5 years old. Very loving, excellent with other cats, needs garden

+/- 3 years old female Norwegian forest cat type, very very BIG, and very fluffy. Very affectionate and playful… a real cutie pie

Lady Gaga
+/- 2 years old, beautiful tortyshell persian with outstanding colouring. One of the most unique cats i’ve seen. Very Loving, affectionate, very good with other cats and people, .. This cat is a real gem, an absolutely magnificent creature.

Bonnie (came from a family of 7 cats)Seal colourpoint persian, female – blue eyes. -/+ 4 years old. Very affectionate, playful, loves other cats. unfortunately we thought she had PKD (Polysistic kydney disease)but it seems the diagnosis was incorrect, and Bonnie is thriving in Joys care.

Paris Hilton – adopted

Paris Hilton, Three months old. She is a doll-face Persian. The most unusual cat I have ever seen. She is sweet, lively and very intelligent. Busy picking up more weight. She is healthy, spayed. Eats dry and wet food, absolutely loves her food! Like Maddie needs a kitten friend, she does not like to be alone. She will grow up to be an amazing cat!

THAI – Balinese blue-point


barbie and ken

Carizma – Carrie


Clementine (Clemmy) & Carlos – adopted Must go together, adore each other, must have a big garden and lots of interaction with humans and other animals – cats and dogs. They are laid back and inquisitive. Very affectionate, very active, well rounded and well behaved. Not couch potatoes. Carlos is a dream. +/- 3 years old. Clemmy blue cream is +/- 4 years old.

Snowbell – Adopted

Calico Harlequin, +/- 3 years old. Very lovable, good with everyone and everything, but no dogs, 1 eye wonder.

Sushi and Siam alaska tofu33 sushi55 captain_nemo4 gizmo mcgiver carizma_1 matius9 holly 1 havanahIMG_1677 IMG_1543 (2) IMG_1601 IMG_1665 IMG_20130905_162432 blu barrera arwinandshadow IMG_1541 topaz2 zara45 zara67 jackson 20130614_140143 IMG_1615 (2) IMG_1646 (2) nylesyu victoriasecret tommy penny6782gpippaIMG_2407IMG_2427blubellgremlin44fudge44georgeIMG_2224IMG_2286devonrexsmockey5chloeskygirlrobbi7bIMG_1861IMG_1615 (2)IMG_2407 blubell pippa penny66 gizmo elsie polly IMG_3109 IMG_3037 (2) IMG_3197 IMG_3396 bellisima IMG_3469 IMG_3711 IMG_3974 (2) IMG_4209 IMG_4242 IMG_5386 IMG_5707IMG_4931IMG_5204 chrisopher33 IMG_4857 IMG_4890 IMG_4878 IMG_4904IMG_4713 jasper IMG_4751 BBESIMG_5805 matty7 IMG_5613 rossi2 lucy4 gizelle2 IMG_5422 IMG_5343JACKSON1 SYLVESTA IMG_6036 IMG_5931 IMG_6067 IMG_5962 shimmy_1

IMG_6599 IMG_6569 (2) IMG_6524 IMG_6448 IMG_6544hh nuni lily mila IMG_6794IMG_7235 BEST1 IMG_7171 new migt sammy787 sammy1IMG_7349 IMG_7339 (2) IMG_7342 IMG_7363

Bianca-and-Bokkie Bianca-and-Luke Bianca-yoga-pose Morgan-fluffy Morgan-short-hair


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  1. Am looking to adopt a Persian cats have had Persians for about 25 years and have recently lost 2 both of old age. The 2 girls I have left are now both 16 and would love to adopt one or 2 of your perrsians in need. Email ph 0846570528 live in fish Hoek ct. Lovely big yard which Persians can never get over as 90percent are not the best jumpers. Regards Michele. Pls contact me


  3. Good Day

    Can I find out if you have any kittens available Persian / exotic or ragdoll, I have a breeder in town, but was wondering if adopting wouldn’t be better .

    • Hi Linda

      Please read

      this will perhaps make your mind up in not supporting breeders!
      The amount of animals that we rescue from breeders is astonishing, there is no such thing as “good breeders”.

      Reasons to ADOPT a Cat…

      You’re not starting from scratch. When you buy a kitten, you’re essentially bringing an infant into your home- a completely untrained, unsocialized little critter who thinks the crate you bought for him is a jail (and who cries to get out…at 3 AM!).

      Because rescue cats spend time in Joy’s home before they are adopted, they come to you with at least some social skills and some degree of housebreaking and litter training! They are grateful to be rescued.
      The bond is strong. Cats who have not had the best possible start in life-who have been neglected or even abused-tend to be very loyal and affectionate.

      A cat that has been neglected or abandoned once is usually eager to become part of a loving home, where she feels safe and secure, and is likely to act accordingly. We find that rescue cats are generally eager to please their new owners. Puppy/Kitten mill rescues often want to be in your lap at all times and will follow you from room to room, just to be near you.

      Fewer vet fees. Rescue cats have had physical examinations, have been spayed or neutered, have been tested for heartworm, and are up to date on shots. When you buy a puppy or kitten, you pay for the dog AND for kitten shots, spaying or neutering, and any other basic medical expenses. Joy knows exactly what ailments each cat has and knows each cat’s temperament.

      What you see is what you get. When you buy a kitten, you can never really be sure what type of cat you’re going to get. All kittens are cute and playful, but their adult personalities aren’t visible until they’re about one/two years old. So you don’t know whether you’re getting a cat who wants to play all the time (ALL the time!) or a couch potato. When you rescue a cat, you know what the cat’s personality is like and whether it fits with what you want in a cat companion. You also know, in advance, about any problem areas the new owner will have to address.

      It teaches your children good values. Face it-we live in an extremely materialistic society, in which TV teaches kids that everything can be bought, that they should get their parents to buy them everything, and that anything worth having costs a lot of money. Adopting a rescue cat for your family presents a wonderful opportunity to teach your children basic values of compassion and caring, and also about the value of second chances.
      Hopefully this makes up your mind in supporting a real good cause and help giving back 🙂
      Please phone Joy on 082 781 4761 (no sms’s please) and make some time to see all the amazing cats she has that need homes.

      take care

      Natalie Kretzmar (site administrator)

  4. Hi Joy. Just wanted to let you know that ‘all that Jazz’ (jazzy) is doing very well in his new home. he is excessively loved and spoilt. His already had a nose job to fix up his breathing problem and is beautifully shaved to get rid of all the knots he had. The only bad news Jazz has asthma but not a problem, he stayed in hospital for 5 days, is now on cortisone tablets and all is under control. He will be on these tablets for the rest of his life but he has his own medical aid so all problems are sorted out and his as happy as anything. he and my 1female Persian are great friend but him and my grey cat really don’t like each other.
    Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopted Jazz, his made a wonderfully addition to the family.
    Zelda de Vries

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