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A heartfelt thank you to Joy for bringing Kady and Munchkin into our lives! After the loss of our beloved Pixie I wondered how our family would feel complete again. It was during this grieving period that I chanced upon your website and first laid eyes on a picture of Kady and the kitten.

I was truly amazed at how loving and paternal Kady seemed, I could see the wonderful bond between the two just from looking at the photo. I must admit I initially believed that he was the mother! Kady is the most magnificent and caring cat that I have ever met, he adores Munchkin and even bathes him daily after they have fed. Munchkin is the sweetest little thing, he idolizes Kady and is his little mini-me, copying everything that he does to a tee. They have settled in remarkably well, I truly believe that having taken an adult and a baby made all the difference, as they have each other as security blankets and quite simply put, the little one learns from the older one. Kady has literally taken over the house and as for Stitch our 4 year old Dashund, Kady simply strolled past him as if he wasn’t even there! I have never seen a pet more perplexed than my poor dog, it was the most hysterical moment. I am still in the process of introducing Stitch to Munchkin as he is still small but am making great progress. Given that it has been approximately 2 weeks, the adjustment period has been quick and relatively painless.

I again have Joy to thank for this as she does an awesome job of loving all her babies and socializing them before they go to new homes. Based on my experience with my two new babies, I have to highly recommend taking an adult and kitten into my home to any family with children and other pets. Also,again I extend my sincere appreciation to Joy for the love, dedication and sacrifice she makes willingly to help all animals in need. Thank you for taking the time to love them and find the right human homes for each and every one of them, you are a very special lady indeed.

With thanks and love

The Williams – Russell family x


Hi there

Just want to give you and Joy an update on Thandi

It took a while for Thandi to settle but I am comfortably sharing that I think we are over the horses tail. She’s lying next to me on the couch with my one cat “Charcoal” at my feet and my other Persian adoptee (Daisy, also from Joy some years back) one pillow away from Thandi.

The integration into my home took a bit longer as each individual cat has of course their own pace.

Initially she had to get use to the sound of my wooden floors and the fact that I was speaking and chatting to her in Afrikaans.

She did not respond to my native language, but boy did I see a change in personality when I starting speaking to her in English. It was like a flower blossoming.

From there it was easier to gain her trust.

She also likes her sun spots. At first she made herself comfortable in the first window that got sun in the morning. She did however not follow the sun during the course of the day. I spend a weekend teaching her where the sun spots are during the day and she now has a built in memory schedule of where it is warm.

My bedroom with its electric blanket and panel heater is also a favourite spot, with all four cat’s on top and under the duvet during the course of the night, all of course getting their cuddle under the duvet when I get a paw or a wet nose in my face.

Now when I get home I get a visit from her, as she recognises my voice and footsteps. I share a chat and scratch and cuddle ……and yes she is The Big Black….the Big Black Night it is……she just pop’s up without me hearing paw steps, she does not miaau ( a lot) and when it is night there is no way to make out where head or tail is….she has to open her eyes for me to see

It is also SO nice to be selected by a Persian that loves grooming!

And Joy , you were right, when she chose me, she really did give her heart to me. It took some time but we are there.

And I am honoured and privileged to be her “human”

Will send you some pic’s soon and keep you posted

Take care

Suzette Kruger

Dashing Armani


Hi Natalie – I thought I would send you progress photo’s of  our “Dashing Armani” .. he has us all completely smitten.  If you remember, he was on your website for a while and was not ready to be adopted due to the bad state that Joy found him in.  Thankfully, Joy entrusted us to foster and take care of him for her while she was in India this year.

 The first photo is the one from your website.  The second is with my husband Ettienne loving him back to health (this is one of my most treasured photos).  Armani was such a sad little case due to his “medical issues” and his “mental state” as a result of these “medical issues” that he crept deep into all our hearts.  While nursing him, this gorgeous creature brought more joy and love into our home that we begged Joy to allow us to adopt him and make him part of our family.

 He has blossomed into one of our most beautiful cats that enjoy teasing our very “sophisticated” princess (being previously a stud cat). He is totally irresistible, loves to be loved and cuddled and purrs un-endlessly.  He has become a “hearty” fluffy teddy bear..  the photos actually do not do this stunning animal any justice.  Thanks for all you and Joy do for these treasured animals.  May God continue to bless your work with these amazing animals.  Lots of love Solete xx


Hi Joy,

We have thought of you often since we met before you left for your trip to India!  Beautiful pictures of the country and the Tigers, so we thought we send you an additional picture of “Garfield”!  He is such a character, so playful and affectionate, he’s made a great addition to our little family!

946738_10152820646685381_1304500483_n IMG-20130503-WA0014

Wishing you all the best

Jaclynn & Neil

Dear Joy

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Since the day I phoned and left a distressed message, you were so kind and understanding and I can not thank you enough.

To recap if anyone else reads this.
I have 7 cats and have always been a cat lover for as long as I can remember. Then the divorce happened. Till about a month ago I was put in the most difficult position ever imagined. Although we were divorced for almost 4 years, we shared the same house and cared for the same cats. They grew up with us and were our children, together with our two sons.

Then I was forced to move out and to a place where I can not keep animals. I got a phone call from the local SPCA to say that my 4 chinchillas and one norwegian forest cat will be disposed of if not collected. You can imagine my surprise and shock at the same time.

I just signed a lease agreement and now I am put in a position to try and rescue my beloved cats. Needless to say, I phoned every cattery and local vet to try and find a home for them or some interim solution. And let me tell you, this was a nightmare of note. And then Joy, you came to the rescue. I went and pay you a visit and you obviously never saw a grown man cry like I did that Sunday. We weighed the options and results.

To make a long story short I, by the Grace of God, manage to eventually find a new home now for me and my precious cats. Not after I tried every which way out not to separate us for life. But I knew, if I did not manage to find this home I had no other option as to let them go to you and put them up for adoption.

I want you to know that I will always think of you in a very, very special manner (when it comes to cats) and to know that so many cats get a loving home brings joy to my heart. If that was the road my babies had to follow, I would have been honoured.

I will encourage any animal/cat lover to pay you a visit and to experience the loving environment/home these purrrr.y friends have and to help and support you where ever possible. You do a tremendous job and I hope people realise what dedication and hard work it is to care for abandoned animals. Not to mention the costs that go with it.

Keep up the good work Joy Hawksley-Hill. Will invite you for tea so that you can meet them eventually.

You are awesome

God Bless

François Blignaut
Chocolate Fudge

Dear Joy and Natalie

Here are some of the cats that we adore after adopting them from Joy. They are an absolute pleasure, each one of them.


Jasmine (below), a silver tipped Chinchilla that we adopted from Joy (knowing she had PKD) , 16 months back, was the love of our lives …Sadly she passed away in January, and her loss broke our hearts (see pics below) but we have re-focused on the endless pleasure this little girl brought into our home, and we are now looking for a new Chinchilla, when you get one (preferably a female) please let us know …


Then there’s Carrot!! See below, (from Joy, around 5 years back) – a true Garfield, and character of note, He has a fondness for watering our files in the study, and leaving his very distinct manly (albeit neutered) aroma behind!! He also enjoys a good roll and tumble and game of chase with the dogs, who regard him as their special playmate


Thanks again Joy for the wonderful joy you bring into all our lives when we adopt one of your beautiful babies!!


I note that Shadow, with a wet mouth, just had water, (see above) still appears on your web site, we have had him for the last 16 months. He appeared to have been hit in the mouth by previous owners as his canines were smashed off, and his nose was obviously affected as he never stops sneezing and snorting (loudly) especially at 5am in the morning, when he wants his favourite ‘treat’ a saucer of tinned tuna!! Our vet removed his smashed canines, and he has turned into a fat, happy, greedy, noisy, lovable boy.

We have had Blu-Blue (a blue-cream from Joy) (below with Carrot) for 8 years, she adores us all, and all the cats adore our sons, and sleep with them at night on their beds!!

From the Sadler Family (Daryl (mom) & David (dad), Sean and Rian

Update on Clemmie Captain NIMO and Jaydi
“NIMO sun tanning next to pool”
sent in by Michele Kachelhoffer
Life is good!!

Dear Joy,

I adopted Merlin from you in 2012 and he has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Thank you so much for letting us have him. He is a character and always brings so much love and laughter into our home.

And he talks…. GRANDMA, HELLO, MOM, that is his vocabulary…

We just love Merlin so much.

Thank you so much…. I can never thank you enough.
Craig, Angie, Skye, Zion, Blu and Merlin

Merlin Sitting like a person Merlin Sleeping

Dear Joy and Natalie

We adopted Babushka (she stole my heart when I saw her on your website) on 1 December 2012 and also took home Baloo Bear. We are overjoyed to have been entrusted to take care of the new “Royal Persians” and were overwhelmed by Joy’s love for all her cats. Babushka and Baloo Bear are safely in our care – we (our family of four) all love animals deaply. Both new members of the family are being pampered, loved and adored and are being treated with the respect that they deserve. Babushka has become the centre of attention of our home and has managed to steal my big husband’s (2.01m man!) heart. Thanks Joy for giving us these two precious gifts, we will treasure them forever. xx Solete


Update on Babushka –
Dear Joy

Our family cannot express our gratitude for the love, sacrifice, devotion and unending determination that you showed with Babushka. Where many would have immediately euthanized her, you and Darryl (the Vet) helped fight for her life, against much criticism. We adopted her on 1 December 2012 after seeing her heart breaking photo on your website. I have enclosed photo’s to show her progress and to show what a beautiful Persian princess she has become. She has given, and continues to give our family, incredible joy. Thank you for entrusting us to take care of this precious animal.

Thank you for the work that you continue to do with these amazing animals. You are inspirational.

Much love Solete
This is what Babushka looks like now…
Babushka 1

Our baby Berloiz passed away today from heart failure.
We adopted him from Joy in 2005, and he spent the past 7 years with us surrounded by his loving human and furry family.
Most special and loving boy – he will be sorely missed.

Gaelle Le Lagadec

Just an update for Joy to see how well Josh  and Bella are doing.  I adopted these two gems about 18 months ago.

The two of them are truly unique and are a highlight in my life on a daily basis.

I have also attached a photograph of Tuscany that I adopted from Joy about 10 years ago – Tuscany is now about 12 and lives to sleep and eat chicken fillet – Has become seriously rotund from the good life.

Josh is a jumper but is a Mommy’s boy at heart and enjoys nothing better than cuddling up under my chin for some cuddle time!!!!!! He is only allowed outside with a chaperone.

Bella loves to be cuddled and is especially fond of lying on her back – will lie on her back for hours.  She has the thickest coat I have ever seen on a Persian and I have had many Persians over the years – We have to visit “Chief” (our groomer) on a monthly basis to get her looking like a pure bred Persian and not a feral moggie!  She loves being outside and particularly in the summer as she entertains herself by “frogging” – SHE LOVES TO CATCH FROGS!!! And if given the chance she likes to herd them into the house.

Both love their fillet of chicken they receive every evening – Josh screams, falls over, jumps “on the counter and off the counter” and even gets frisky with the microwave while he is anxiously waiting for the 30 seconds to heat his chicken all of this with his tongue hanging out (because he is missing a canine) while his sister Bella cries pitifully from the floor (she is not a jumper).  As I take the fillet out of the microwave he will often give it a swipe with his big “tom cat paw” just to try and speed up the process – Family still can’t understand why the cats get food before I start our dinner Lol! . But fortunately they have realised that they come AFTER my cats.

Although this is not a Joy rescue I just wanted to share and brag………………….Last but not least is my treasure Bonnie .  1 week old, blind and left to die at RAU university about 8 years ago, rescued by my daughter and bottle feed by me.  She is the most remarkable cat.  She has the freedom of the house and the garden (no chaperone), I also have an unprotected pool – She knows every inch of the property and house and NEVER bumps into anything.  Unless I tell people she is blind nobody would know.  She is so sure footed and if you look up the word grumpy in the dictionary you are sure to find her picture.  Tolerates the Persians but LOVES the dogs (Huge boxer and an African rescue).

The photograph was taken of her sitting on my old blue lounge suit which was, at the time, standing outside on the drive way waiting to be collected as I had purchased a new one.  She “found” the chair and plonked herself down as though the chair had always been there.

Since the loss of my Brother Bart earlier this year there is a definite gap – Once again I am starting to consider “replacing” my boy……..

Tracy van Rooyen

Brother and Sister who adopted us more than us adopting them !  Cody the boy and Viola the girl.

They chose us !  Very happy in there new home. The Bosses of the house. Love there friends Humphrey the Bulldog. Missy the Dachshund and Molly the Pekinese.

sent in from:  Tracey Rodrigues

Hello Joy & Natalie

Thank you is just not enough for us to say – we LOVE our Schnubie Poo, she has fitted in without a moment of stress, hopefully she will teach my maniac Persian some “prim & proper” Persian manners!

Snowbell has settled in perfectly, such a lady and nearly gave us heart failure when she raced up and down the passage playing with Chiara Lady Bug, just didn’t think she had such a sprint LOL.

Anyone who has not loved an animal has never had a part of their soul awakened – there definitely was a little piece of my heart & soul just waiting for Snowbell.

Persian kisses & a picture of what a Sunday morning lie in should look like LOL

Tarryn, Dee & Snowbell

Was just looking through the pics of all the beautiful furrys that have been rescued and homed by Joy.

Joy you are doing such an amazing thing. All the love and care that you give to these unwanted, abused Persians and other breeds, you are an earth angel for sure. I also know that it is not always easy, a lot of these cats have medical and other problems.

Also great that you have them living with you, and that way you get to know them very well and know which home to place them in. We are so happy with Clemmie and Candy it feels as if they have always been with us.
Michele Kachelhoffer


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  1. Hi guys just thought I’d update you on Terry, he is doing fab and such a lovely boy. How can I send u pics of him.

  2. Hi Joy,

    I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you do with these cats. I adopted Minette and she has settled in nicely and she is such an adorable, loving little creature, she sleeps in my arm every night. She purrs non-stop and loves “talking” to me, in fact we have long conversations. I am so grateful I found this little girl, she brings so much joy into our house. Thanks again. Erica

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