Please contact Joy Hawksley-Hill on 082 781 4761 or (011) 440-5579 No sms NO SMSes WILL BE READ.

(strictly no sms’s, leave a voice message – Joy will get back to you)  to make a time to view the Cats.

We will  collect a rescue from anywhere in country- no questions asked. We will pay the travel costs.

Phone Joy if you would like to give up your cat.

Email: for any website issues or queries.

Natalie Kretzmar – Website Administrator


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  1. hi would you please let me know if Genghis Khan is up for adoption we would like to have him.
    we have 2 of Joys cats Lance and Marmalade.



  2. Hi Joy. Pleased to see you are still running. I will be contacting you in April when we get back from 3 weeks leave to India. I need to get Daryl a new very loveable Persian, but must be a lap cat. Her Persian Emma (she was called Nester when we got her from you) who was her baby despite her age, died shortly having a stroke the day before we left for India on Holiday last year. She did not want a new cat immediately but I can see she still misses Emma so much. Our other 4 Persians, Cosmo who we got from you, DJ who we adopted from someone who could not afford to keep him and Mia who a friend bought me as a gift are all my babies.

  3. Hello

    A month ago I adopted a little girl who is 5 years old. Her owners are immigrating to Australia and where going to put her down. I am looking for a little friend for her. Preferably a Male. Young or old.
    I live in a flat in a secure and pet friendly complex, in Kibler Park, Johannesburg. I have two children ages 11 and 2 (will be 3 in July and 12 in September). We only have the one cat and she is spoilt rotten. Please let me know if you are willing to part with one of your kitties which you think might be suitable for us.

    many thanks

    Kind regard
    cell. 0769468537

  4. Good day.

    I have adopted 2 dogs at Fora Animal shelter about a year ago, one pomeranian male and a chow mix female medium size. In march 2012 I adopted a kitten of 6 months who get along with my two dogs just fine, Oh how they play so cute together. I stay with my friend in a 3 bedroom house with a big yard for the dogs to play in. He also have 2 dogs that he adopted at Fora’s, one white alsation cross timberwolf male, and one female alaskan malemute cross alsation. He’s dogs also get along well with my cat, the timberwolf cross loves to play with my cat aswell, and oh its so sweet seeing them getting along so well with each other without hurting eachother.

    I am interested to adopted a persian no matter the age, coulor etc, I am only looking to adopt a persian to be my best friend and be one of my kids, I so adore and care for. I dont have kids, my pets are my kids and I Love them for life, I will go out of my way to keep them save and well look after.

    I am a big animal lover and enjoy having pets. I rescued a baby dove not so long ago, I hand reared the baby dove until he was ready to go free. I do see him sometimes, he do come back home once a week, I leave him food and water outside for when he passes by.

    Kind Regards
    Charlene Warren

  5. Hi Joy, did the testerone shot help to calm Thai down? Have you let himingle with the other cats? I still have my heart set on him but if it is not meant to be then I would rather wish him s wonderful new life with his new family. Baby car is home and getting stronger by the day.
    Kind regards

  6. Hi joy we are the family from Standerton as in Becky n benjy s family . These two adorable. Cuties.have become the centre of our world. We have to thank you for trusting us with them. We are looking to adopt a young female Persian when and if you have one available in future. . Thank you once again . This time we will come to jhb to collect our precious bundle of joy from you.

    Fatima Yacoob Faaiza. Luqmaan. And the big man

  7. Hi Joy, I just re-read your website and saw that you would like Siam and Sushi to go together. I could possibly be able to offer both of them a home/ or offer one/either of them a home. I would need to discuss this with my other family members.
    Kind regards,

  8. Hi, Marsha would like to know how Dark Vader and Luke is doing……Nicole would like photos of them if possible. Grandma also longing the babies. Was they adopted together or are they seperated? Thanks Annatjie.

  9. Hi Joy,

    We are looking to adopt a second Persian in May this year.

    We have one boy at the moment (2.5 years old, neutered, love of our lives), and would like get a female as companion for him. Mufasa is a gregarious cat who enjoys the company of other cats (I lived in a house with other cats before moving), and we feel that he is settled enough in our new home to get a companion.

    Please let me know if you have any girls available around mid/end May as that is when we would like to adopt.

    We are looking for a quiet girl who is well socialised with other cats and is fully potty trained.

    Kind regards,

    Caro and Andrew

    082 318 8734

  10. Hello Joy
    How are you? My name is Charlbi, and my mother and brother live in Cape Town, we have a 1 1/2 year old male red persian, we are looking for a little girl to be his best friend. Because our little boy is lonely, we had a older female but she’s now passed on ;( we live in a secure estate and don’t only allow out kitties in the back garden. It’s a big decision picking a new member of the family, is it possible to get some more pics of Bibi ,Prima Dona ,Ladygaga
    And Mia? Thank you very much

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