I’ve had an overwhelming response from friends inquiring about my trip to India so I thought I’d share some of my favourite photos and impressions with you. The Taj Mahal, the temples at Khajuraho, the “faces of India “and the lovely animals – how can you not love a people who are kind to their domestic animals are kind and gentle and quick to smile?

I’ve had a wonderful time – everything was perfect – the weather balmy, food delicious – I’m vegetarian so that helps! The country side a total surprise of pretty farmlands and quaint rural homes, the cities a crazy chaotic mix of people, cattle, buffaloes, pigs, monkeys and dogs – everywhere. No cats except for an extraordinary moment when outside a shop I looked down and there was (almost certainly feral) little tabby cat staring intently at me with such fascination – an overpowering connection – then she was gone.

We deliberately opted to travel wherever we could by car or train to see as much countryside as possible, a great decision, very safe and comfortable – this took us through parts of Northern India and mainly central India.

My dream of seeing tigers in the wild (I would have settled for a glimpse happily) became a wonderful reality in 10 safaris in two famous parks. We had two separate glimpses and two excellent tiger sightings plus a gorgeous leopard on a rock and a rare jungle cat drinking at a river, plus an endless parade of new (for me) animals and birds like bison, sloth bears, wild boar, spotted sambar and swamp deer, lovely little “owlers” and some very colourful birds.

They don’t use radios in the parks, instead the guides are called naturalists – are experts at tracking spoor, interpreting calls and knowing the various animal territories and habits. Our own guys in SA could sure learn a thing or two.

My sister Fay and I went on an elephant back ride in the jungle – jolly uncomfortable!!

All in all, the trip of a lifetime and we’d go back in a heartbeat and visit other parks and see more of India!

Love Joy


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  1. Hi Joy. Happy to hear that you had a wonderful trip to India. I have send photos of Didi and Pushkin to your associate. Regards Sue

  2. Stunning Joy, completely different to what I expected. I’m so glad you had a good time. Speak to you soon. Natasha xx

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