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  1. Dear Joy, my heart is completely broken as I write this letter, my baby – plush – was recently stole from our house, and although another baby can not replace him, I would love to give another baby the chance to experience the love of a family like plush did.

  2. Hi Joy, we are looking to foster or adopt one of your babies. Pls let me know if any becomes available, all cats deserve to grow up as part of a family, and we are willing to give a happy family life

  3. I need to find a home for a persian cat urgently. My Mother passed away and I cannot keep her. My son has asma. I am scared to just let her go to anyone that wants a cat. If anyone can help, please contact me on 0843847134.
    Thank you
    Suzette Simpson

  4. Hi Cindy. The best place for them would be at the rescue. Joy will assess them, make sure they are sterilized and vet checked. Then she would check her database of good adopters and make sure they stay together. Joy does house checks and follow up checks and keeps in contact with all people adopting. The safest place for these babies is at the rescue. Regards natalie – site administrator. 082 7081400

    • Hi Natalie

      Are these Chinchillas still available? We have adopted 4 of Joy’s beautiful babies – sadly, after a valiant battle, lost the Chinchilla whom we knew had PKD when we took her from Joy. Would love to adopt more chinchillas from joy – please advise (082 466 1063)

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