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– YES! FEES! I am absolutely against “giving away” any pet! It is a recognised fact that by large if you get something for nothing you don’t appreciate it and it very easily becomes “easy come easy go” and in the case of animals becomes yet another “pass on”. If you can’t afford or begrudge paying an adoption fee for a beautiful Persian then what assurance do i have that you have money for proper vet food, cat litter, medication, flea control, vet bills, etc?

Adoption fee of  a Persian is R1000 – A drop in the ocean considering some of my cats probably cost R3000 – R5000 as kittens – this fee contributes towards sterilization, ongoing vet fees, leading brand vet food, cat litter, grooming and pet sitter to take care of cats when I’m away and leather collar and disc.

If cat is to fly to another city – add +/-R800 (For a proper airline travel box which you keep airfare, and Inoculations)

Kittens fee – Sterilization+ 2 sets of x inoculations and deworming: amount is at the discretion of Joy and depends on her vet charge at the time.  Please phone Joy for the exact amount at the time.


  1. View cats
  2. I do a house check
  3. Sign an adoption form committing yourself to taking care of my cat and most importantly stating that the cat will be returned to me, if you cannot keep it
  4. In the unlikely event that the cat doesn’t settle or becomes ill, it is an open door to return it, or in special cases swop for another cat
  5. Cats can only be transported in a cat box (i always have a selection available if required plus scratch posts, etc)

Be aware that there are no runs or pens here – the cats live in a natural home environment which means that I have an intimate knowledge of all the cats and their personalities and behavioral traits. Please respect this knowledge when you want to choose a cat as i can guide you towards those most suited to your situation.

Please do not treat this like a shop transaction – these are flesh and blood creatures with feelings: They are not toys for children or ornaments – so respect my decision not to separate two close brothers or a close pair, also the fact that i will not place any cat alone that enjoys the company of other cats.

Please do not apply if you are going to ask for kittens. I am rescue – not a breeder — very occasionally i get kittens that are unwanted gifts which i will only home once sterilized , etc and usually to someone who is on my waiting list. Please don’t tell me you want a Persian for your 2/3/4-year-old child!! Most cats including Persians are frightened of small kids. There are 1 or 2 that are fine with kids but these inevitably are the older cats usually males, if children are involved they must be brought along so we can see the cats reaction and also how the child treats them.

No “surprise gift” by all means bring the “giftee” it will still be a surprise and let them choose – this way i get to meet and evaluate a cats potential new owner.

Please don’t ask “which is the youngest” – this is a silly reason to choose a cat – it’s the personality and character you should be looking for which will endure through the years – as Persians can live into their 20’s if properly cared for. A cat 3/4/5 is “young”. If you have an age fixation and really want a kitten then go to a reputable registered breeder and get one – i absolutely don’t want one of my cats to ever be second best – Just as silly in my opinion is to only want say : a white cat or one with blue eyes – this is immediately treating them as ornaments or inanimate objects – not flesh and blood with very real personalities. Obviously there must be a “spark” or chemistry between you and any animal – almost like “falling in love” and i concede maybe the colour influences your choice! but to choose solely on age or physical attributes i don’t get at all!

If you have any other questions or would like to view cats please contact Joy on 011  440 5579 and 082  781 4761 (strictly no sms’s)


We do not test for Feline  Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline AIDs (FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) unless our vet notices the cat is ill or showing signs of this virus. You may request this test at your own cost of btw R150-R200.  We unfortunately don’t have the funds for this.  

Adoption is completely in the discretion of Joy. She is extremely fussy as to where her babies go.

Once you surrender your cat to us, your cat becomes the property of Persian rescue, our terms and conditions apply, and we have the right of refusal of any adoption!Persian rescue reserves the right to refuse an adoption at any time. The decision of whether or not to send an animal home is at the FULL discretion of Persian rescue. Decisions will be made based on the animal’s best interest.

This is a totally non-profit organization.



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  1. Was just looking through the pics of all the beautiful furrys that have been rescued and homed by Joy. Joy you are doing such an amazing thing. All the love and care that you give to these unwanted, abused Persians and other breeds, you are an earth angel for sure. I also know that it is not always easy, a lot of these cats have medical and other problems. Also great that you have them living with you, and that way you get to know them very well and know which home to place them in. We are so happy with Clemmie and Candy it feels as if they have always been with us.

  2. Hi Joy I have quite a few cats of my own already all extremly healthy and all of different ages, the youngest being a persian i nicknamed mina moo, i love all my cats to peices will this influence weather you allow me to adopt a persian in need of a loving home, my cats have access to a cattery which means they can enjoy the outdoors without coming to harm by roaming the streets and they are all innoculated and fieed a=exept the kitten who is still too young. I eagerly await your answer.

    Kindest regards

    P.S what an awsome and lovely thing you are doing and I agree the colour of eyes or fur or age does not matter, its the cat and you, or should i say that the at chooses you, lol.

    • Hi Shirley, our apologies for only replying now but Joy was away for two weeks. You are welcome to make a appointment for a visit to meet all the fur kids. Even if it takes more than one visit to find the right one ( or rather him find you) then so be it! You can phone Joy anytime- we have stunning new Persians who are longing for a safe, loving forever home.


  3. Is Gizmo the black and white kitty still available? I fell in love with all the cats, but there is just something extra special about that kitty. The vet euthanized my 22 year old persian “baby” on 12 Febr 2014. She had bone cancer and lung emphysema. I want to pay a R400 deposit into your bank account and collect the kitty on friday 27 Febr. I have a big safe enclosed garden, 2 norwegian forrest cats a pekingese dog and hybrid poodle. The cats and dogs love cats. My cats and dogs are not allowed outside between 6 pm in the afternoon and 6 am in the morning. I feed them royal canine persian and sometimes hills science diet vet food. You are welcome 2 phone my veterinarian and make a house call. My vet’s nr is 0164231104. Thanx, Carin, Vereeniging.

  4. Goog day, thanks for the wonderfull work you guys are doing! I would love to adopt any cat in need of a good home, I have wanted a persian for years, and would rather adopt and give one a forever home that really needs one. We are from Middelburg mp, and we have children, but they are used to cats and treat animals with respect, as we have another black rescue cat (male) at home, as well as a chameleon named Chris! Please let me know what to do next

  5. Hi, my daughter is a Friend of the Cats and she’s looking for a Persian female kitten for her daughter as she has one already and needs a friend for the other one. Please let us know?

    • Please phone Joy directly and discuss, Hawksley-Hill on resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png082 7814 761 or resource://skype_ff_extension-at-jetpack/skype_ff_extension/data/call_skype_logo.png011 4405579 NO SMSes WILL BE READ

      (strictly no sms’s, leave a voice message – Joy will get back to you) to make a time to view the Cats.


      Site admin

  6. Good day

    I extremely interested in adopting Yoko. I have a Persian cat already and believe adopting Yoko will give her some company.

    Please advise me on the necessary steps.

    Kind regards


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